Community Focused Cyber Security and Awareness Information


Helping to keep our communities, families, small businesses and local governments safer in Cyberspace.


At Community Cyber, we've gathered Cyber and Information security professionals with expertise from academia, government, law enforcement and the commercial sector. Our focus is increasing cyber security awareness, knowledge and practice in the lives of those in our communities.


As a nation, we can only be safer by integrating cyber security principals, methods and actions into our daily activities and interactions. As we begin to think and act with cyber security in mind, we make our homes, families, schools, businesses and country more secure as well.

  • Cyber Threat Intelligence Research

  • The Community Cyber Awareness Network

  • Virtual Private Network Service

  • The Entrepreneur's Cyber Security Forum

  • Virtual CISO (vCISO)​

  • ​Small business consulting

  • ​Law enforcement liason

  • ​Information Sharing

  • ​Community Engagement

  • ​Multi-Media Cyber Awareness Training

  • NIST SP 800-171 and DFARS Clause 7012 Compliance

  • State and Local Government Consulting

  • Commercial Drone Aerial Imagery and Mapping

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Community Cyber

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