At Community Cyber, we've gathered Cyber and Information security professionals with expertise from academia, government, law enforcement and the commercial sector. Our focus is increasing cyber security awareness, knowledge and practice in the lives of those in our communities.

​Security, Community, Trust.
Three words that summarize our passion

SECURITY isn't a thing we do, or a box we build. Security is the feeling of safety and reassurance that allows us the freedom and ability to do the things we love.


COMMUNITY is the totality of not just where we live and work, but includes all those with whom we interact. Increasing cyber security in our communities will impact all those interactions, postively contributing to greater safety and protection for everyone.


TRUST is a precious asset, difficult to cultivate and earn, but easy to loose. We strive to earn your trust with everything we do, and keep it by being forthright, reliable and knowledgeable. 

Join Us

A community is a local entity, with people that know and interact with each other every day. Consider starting a Community Cyber effort in your community. Contact us to learn how.